Sport Safety Glasses : Eye Protection During Recreation

Even some of the most low-impact sports can present a huge danger to our eyes. Every year thousands of Americans sustain permanent and less serious eye injuries whilst running, fishing, and playing golf. And if you play much rougher, higher-impact sports you are subject to an even higher risk. With sport safety glasses being so affordable and increasingly fashionable, there is no excuse not to safeguard the future of our eyes - no matter what sport you play.

Sport safety glasses are specifically designed to protect your eyes during sports in many different ways. There are a wide variety of different sport safety glasses for different sports, each with slightly different safety aspects. They come in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes so there are sure to be a pair that suit your needs and tastes.

For those who take part in active sports such as golf, paintball, basketball, baseball, cycling, tennis and soccer, it is essential that you wear adequate sport safety glasses. Each sport poses as a different threat to your eyes, but two of the most common are dust or dirt particles entering the eye as well as UV damage.

Racquet sports players for example might consider a pair of Bangerz HS-5500 Eyeguard. These fashionable wraparound style sport safety glasses feature tinted amber lenses to allow for optimum vision in different lighting conditions. They lenses are made from strong polycarbonate that is lightweight and shatter-resistant. They also feature a soft molded rubber nosepiece for the ultimate in comfort. These are specifically designed for racquet sport players and have anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings on the lenses as well as a design that allows for optimal peripheral and down vision.


Safety Glasses


Those who take part in dangerous sports such as shooting, paintball and Air Soft can not afford not to own and wear a suitable pair of sport safety glasses. Your eyes are no match for BB pellets or direct paintball hits, so high impact protection sport safety glasses are essential when taking part in these sports. Luckily there are plenty on the market to choose from. AO Safety have a huge range of sport safety glasses designed specifically for those involved in shooting sports. They are very reasonably priced, with glasses starting at just $15 per pair. They come in a range of different lenses and frames to choose from. They all have anti-fog lenses and offer 99.9% UV protection for the wearer. They have stylish frames which don't look much different to fashionable sunglasses.

Motorcycle riding is another sport and daily activity that can easily cause damage to your eyes, so that is why there are a large choice of motorcycle specific sport safety glasses available for you to purchase at very affordable prices. When riding on the open road you can be subject to bugs, road debris and other hazards entering your eye. Bobster offer some of the most stylish and affordable motorcycle sport safety glasses on the market. They have a huge range of styles available, varying in color, lenses and size. For female motorcycle riders out there they even have a range of lady specific glasses, which are smaller and stylishly designed to appeal to women. They offer superior clarity and field of view whilst also offering 99.9% UV protection. They offer a range of different frame styles with different colors and designs, and are priced from around $50 per pair.


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* AO SUNGLASSES are NOT ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety glasses


Even leisurely sports such as walking and fishing require protection for your eyes. One of the key elements are UV protection, as you will be subject to regular UV rays which are potentially harmful to eyes and cause premature aging. Thousands of eye injuries are reported every year by fisherman who have received a fish hook in their eye due to not wearing adequate sport safety glasses. The damage is often permanent and can cause blindness. For those who enjoy leisurely outdoor activities, a polarized lens coating is recommended. Polarized lenses minimize the amount of glare that is experienced when looking at bright or shiny surfaces such as water.


Polarized Safety Glasses